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Another Picture Style for Video – Marvels Cine 3.4

While on the subject of using different Picture profiles for filming/video recording, I found another Picture style called “Marvels Cine” for my Canon EOS 7D.

The results looks quite impressive – see here:

finally, the new marvels cine picture style 3.x for canon dslrfinally, the new marvels cine picture style 3.x for canon dslr

The blog entry explains the loading of this onto your camera as well.

Have fun !




More info on the Technicolor Cinestyle Profile

Vincent Laforet wrote an interesting article on the history and use of the Technicolor Cinestyle in 2011 already, but as I said previously I’m only now getting into the filming scene 🙂

Good to share though !

New Technicolor Profile for Canon HDDSLRs


Have fun !


How to install EOS Utility if you can’t find your CD anymore …

So I needed to install the Canon EOS Utility program on my MacBook recently in order to load a new colour profile (Technicolor Cinestyle) onto my Canon 7D, but I could not find the media (CD) which came with my Canon EOS.

As always, the power of the internet is amazing and I found some useful links to people who had experienced the same issue.

I’m not going to re-hash the process as it’s well documented here:


I found that it worked best if you download the EOS Utility 2.14.0 under the OSX 10.7 (Lion) section, edit the install as per the instructions in link above and then install.


EOS Utility 2.14

Once installed, download the updated for OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) and it will update your installation.

Have fun !



Installing the Technicolor Cinestyle Profile on your Canon EOS camera

I recently got more involved with using my Canon 7D for filming & have been reading up a bit on how to get “more” dynamic range out of your camera while capturing video.

I do make use of MagicLantern on my camera, but at this point in time it’s only to give me some extra features onscreen (LiveView on-screen info, zebra stripes, on-board intervalometer (time-lapse), etc.)

I read about the Technicolor Cinestyle profile for EOS cameras (FAQ).

When you install this profile on your Canon EOS DSLR, you get a new User-Defined picture style on your camera, which essentially produces a “flat” image (but capturing more dynamic range).

You NEED to make use of Post-processing (Colour correction, etc.) to make the video come to life, but that’s another blog post in it’s own :-).

To install the Technicolor Cinestyle profile is quite easy:

  1. Register and download the Cinestyle profile (in .zip format)
  2. Extract the .zip file to a local folder
  3. Connect your camera via USB (but do not switch on yet)
  4. Start up the Canon EOS Utility program (comes on the CD with your EOS camera, or read my post on how to install WITHOUT having the original installer)
  5. Switch on your camera
  6. The EOS Utility should recognise your camera and show you a start-up menu
  7. Select ” Camera Settings / Remote Shooting”
  8. Select the Camera Icon
  9. Click on “Picture Style” and select Detail Set
  10. In the window that comes up, select one of the User Defined slots (1,2 or 3)
  11. Click on the “Open” button and browse to the Technicolor_CineStyle_v1.0.pf2 file and select it.
  12. It will now be loaded in the slot you selected.
  13. Viola ! you can now set this as your shooting picture style

Canon explains a bit more about the Picture styles here

Have fun !

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