I was quite stunned today when I read an article published on the Bicycling SA site –

6 Signs You Need a Strava Intervention

According to the article, people do all kinds of “interesting” stuff to get “better” ratings on Strava (or other places which allow you to upload your workout TCX files manually).

The DigitalEPO.com site allows you to “fudge” your data and increase your performance by %. [http://www.digitalepo.com]

I like my cycling and have been a Strava user for many years now, but it never crossed my mind that you could “fudge” your data to get better results.

I use it more to see what friends are doing & to keep track of my progress during the year. I’m not THAT competitive and the Strava bits are just fun.

Anyways, upon further investigation I found this article as well – to help you spot “fudged” data

How to tell if someone used Digital Epo to cheat on Strava

Have fun !