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March 2018

Struggling with Locales on your Raspberry Pi ? Here’s a fix !

I tend to tinker with my Raspberry Pi every now & then, but keep on running into a Locale issue.

Even using the sudo raspi-config utility doesn’t seem to fix things 😦 [btw – I’m setting the locale to en_ZA.UTF-8 as I’m in South Africa :-)]

I found the following way seems to work best as it FORCES the locale info 🙂

Use the following:

sudo nano /etc/default/locale

In the editor, make the following changes:


Save and reboot !

This fixed the issue for me.

Have fun !


Deleting your Facebook account #DELETEFACEBOOK

Used this article as a guide on how to delete my Facebook account permanently.


Quite a big step for me – although I’ve not been using FB actively the last year 🙂

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