As I mentioned in my post about our DROBO dying, part of my recovery process involved copying all the files (I could recover) from the device onto an external device.

As the DROBO was acting up, I could not use standard copy/paste as it would stop during the process and you weren’t sure which files copied vs. which did not ! 😦

Using FreeFileSync (, my troubles were much less! (software worked fine – amount of data caused headaches)

I could select multiple folders at a time and then sync them to an external device. FreeFileSync would copy the files, verify that they actually copied and move on. It was a slow process, but in the end I moved around 1.2TB of data this way !

The time-consuming work was to select multiple folders at a time and clicking sync (I was too scared to select ALL of them at once, so opted for a set of folders at a time but this meant I had to spend a lot of time on it).

The nice feature for FreeFileSync is that you can save a “configuration” – so if you set up folders to sync, you could save this configuration for future use. I did exactly that when the DROBO acted up between copy processes – then all I had to do was reload the last config and rerun the sync – it would only copy the files not yet copied, while checking file size, etc. to ensure the files went across correctly.

I can certainly recommend FreeFileSync as it’s cross-platform and works very well.

FreeFileSync saved my life … well, almost 😉