Everybody captures some footage on GoPro/Mobile/Action cameras these days, but I’m sure a lot of you have experienced the “pain” of watching an endless video of a friend who wants to share his experience from the past weekend 🙂

Well, Microsoft comes to the rescue to help compress those memories into a smooth and stabilised time-lapse video!

Using Microsoft Hyperlapse, you can take your endlessly long video and make a shorter version of the video without loosing the important bits 🙂

This is a sample of footage we captured in Sabie in August 2015, where I took around 1.5 hours of video and compressed it into a 3 minute clip – still keeping the “feel” of the experience and as a matter of fact, probably adding to the overall mood of the speed we enjoyed on the Quad Bikes:


Microsoft Hyperlapse is available on mobile (Android and Windows Phone) as well as the Pro version on Windows and Mac.

It’s free to try (with a HyperLapse watermark in the footage) and on purchase the watermark will not appear anymore.

It works great and can take the mundane feeling out of extra long footage to make it easier to consume for your viewers 🙂

The software is easy to use and you basically drag&drop your footage, select the bits you want and then let the software do it’s magic !

More samples of people using Microsoft Hyperlapse available here – https://www.youtube.com/c/MicrosoftHyperlapse 

As always – Have Fun !