While investigating the ins-&-outs of getting the most out of my Canon 7D for filming video, it came to light that the Apple ProRES codecs [ProRes 422] are some of the best to work with (to my knowledge at this time 🙂 ) in the workflow process to follow for colour correcting and grading.

BUT – to have the Apple ProRES codecs installed on your Mac, you need to install Final Cut Pro (very expensive), which to say the least I have not done.

Through the power of the internet I found a very informative guide on how to install the ProRES codecs WITHOUT the need to spend any money 🙂

Thanks to Martin Thoburn for the guide (Install the Apple ProRES …) and timdoug (unpkg utility) for the utility to unpack the codecs from Apple’s update to their video formats (Pro Video Formats).

The steps in Martin’s guide are easy to follow and I can report back that the codecs are now available to me in my video “workflow”.

Go Internet !